Senin, 14 Januari 2013

Be Strong!!!

Dear Dhanizar,
Apa kabar?
Kumaha damang?
How are you?
Como estas?

Saya baik loh, lagi ngadep komputer dengan selimut "kerukupan" karena dingin tak tertahankan. How's MN? Udah nyalju belom?
Kayak e-mail ya tapi aku nggak terlalu niat kalau nulis lewat e-mail.
Today, when I was sitting in the school bus. I am thinking about you.
Something my acts or my words that just like swords for you may hurt your feeling. I am sorry.
I know how big problems that we are facing. Even, they said if we have to enjoy our exchange year, it must be there's a time that we think about it.
Sometimes i was thinking like. "Yang disana lho gak mikir, kenapa aku harus mikir?"
But, like they said it's our problem. So. We have to think about it together and find a way to solve it.
I don't know what I've to say.
Be Strong!!
Be Strong!!
Maybe that's the only thing that make echo in my mind.


With Love,

Serdadu 9-ers

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