Kamis, 31 Januari 2013

Helping??? Why not? As long as you can keep it longer and better!!!

Dear bloggie,
I just read a comment from my friend in Indonesia about helping a poor child to back school.
Actually, I really excited about that. That is awesome!!!
He has an idea to help a child back to school after the child cancel his school in 3rd grade. Yap, my country is a developing country and need help to develop better than before, especially in education. Who else can help rather than us, a new generations that open their heart to help? We have a lot of crazy idea that may help this country better, just need time, serious and support!!
Anyway, I really support this idea but I am always thinking further about the risk or problem that may appear.
1.Where We can get the money?
2. How's the child family?
3. Who will responsible with this child when we already in college?
4. Take a lot of time

It will be awesome if it works really well, maybe we can open like our own school foundation. who knows?
I have talked about this before with my parents and they said "If you want to do that, you have to do it full with responsibility. Make them to go to school again is not easy. You have to manage their school grade, pay for them, and it's not just like taste the food, you like it, you'll keep eat it and if you don't like it you'll leave it. It's just like you already pay for food and it's nasty but you have to EAT IT!!" Sucks right???

As long as you have a "niat baja" I believe you can do it!!! :D

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